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Enhancing Vacant Land

September 14, 2021

The City of Calgary is enhancing vacant land at Centre Street N and 40 Avenue N.E. to create a pop-up park for interim use. They have developed two design options for the park and they would love your feedback:

Park Design Option One:

  • Add a fence around the pop-up park along with an accessible pathway that leads to a basketball court for multi-purpose recreation use surrounded by trees and benches.
  • Includes a sheltered space with picnic tables for year-round use.
  • The space can be used for recreation programming such as fitness, art and sports for all ages.

Park Design Option Two:

  • Add a fence around the pop-up park along with an accessible pathway that leads to a community garden with planter beds, some of the beds can be used for accessible use.
  • Add natural play elements, two covered swing benches and a mini library.
  • The space can be used for recreation programming such as fitness, art and gardening workshops for all ages.

 Mobility Improvements

We are also implementing mobility improvements in the communities of Greenview, Greenview Industrial Park, Highland Park and Winston Heights / Mountview. We are making these enhancements to improve mobility for people who walk, wheel and drive and to complete the missing links in our transportation network.

The City of Calgary is currently hosting online engagement at until September 17 to gather feedback on the design options for the pop-up park.

Answers to the Questions and the WINNER is…

June 25, 2021

  1. Name the animal that adorns the screen door at 447 25 Ave NE
    1. Horse
  2. How many flamingos are in the planter boxes at 419 26 Ave NE
    1. 2
  3. What colour is the fire hydrant at the corner of 8st and Moncton Rd
    1. Red
  4. Name 2 of the listed benefits of the rain garden at Marlowe Place
    1. Reduce drainage issues and stream bank erosion, attracts birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects, reduces pollutants
  5. What Halloween characters are dangling from the yard light at 2028 6 St. NE
    1. Ghosts
  6. What is the license plate on the mailbox at 2416 4th St NE
    1. BXE 048
  7. How many duplexes are in the cul-de-sac at 34th Ave and 5th St NE
    1. 11
  8. What is the name of the business at 410 23 Ave NE
    1. Cappuccino King
  9. Where is the best place to get a used bike this summer
    1. 2nd Chance Sports
  10. How many butterfly puddles are in the community garden
    1. 5
  11. What animals can you ride in at the Marsden Rd playground
    1. Chipmunk and Pony
  12. At 23 Montrose Cres, what colour are the shoes on the robot
    1. Red
  13. How many picnic tables are at Munro Pk
    1. 8
  14. What animal is featured on the stepping stones in the SW corner of the Centennial Garden
    1. Fish
  15. What colour is the gate at 612 34 Ave NE
    1. Blue
  16. How many golf balls are stuck in the east-facing fence along 6th St NE (downhill to 32 Ave)
    1. At least 4
  17. What letters/symbols are above the door at 434 29 Ave NE
    1. Triangle, T, X
  18. How many panels are on the garage door at 2412 7 St. NE
    1. 20
  19. How many gnomes are swinging in the trees at 17 Montrose Cres.
    1. 4
  20. How many birdhouses are on the fence at 2004 6th St NE
    1. 8

Ice Rinks Unlimited

May 18, 2021

Even though winter is over and spring is well underway, there has been plenty of activity related to the Winston Heights-Mountview ice rinks.

First off, the WHMCA successfully applied for and received $4500 funding from the Embrace the Outdoors program run by Parks Foundation Calgary (@ParksFdnCalgary) for the City of Calgary (@CityofCalgary).  This funding allowed the WHMCA to purchase two (gently used) snow sweepers and 400 feet of firehose to replace ageing equipment.  This equipment will give us many years of reliability to provide a winter outdoor space for everyone to share and enjoy.  #YYCOutdoors

Second, the ice rink boards at the community hall were taken down on April 24th.  Jarret, Ben, Ryan, Don, Kevin & Alex spent about five hours undoing the netting, chain link panels & rink boards, and putting them safely away for the summer.  Craig and Shawn have also put away their equipment for taking care of the Marsden Road Adopt-a-Rink.  The fields are now wide open for your (socially distanced) games of soccer, frisbee, cloud-watching or whatever else you wish to do.

Finally, the WHMCA Board of Directors is very proud of the work the Rinks Committee has accomplished this season and their ability to provide residents with a winter activity throughout the pandemic. The Board sees spending money for rink operations to be a very worthwhile investment. The committee has been amazing at maintaining and caring for these rinks. We thank the entire team for their dedication and time this season.

Community Street Cleaning

April 28, 2021

Click here for City Of Calgary information.

Need somewhere to park while your street is being cleaned?

With the Winston Heights-Mountview Community Hall closed for most activities, there is plenty of room for residents to use our parking lot for temporary parking while your street is being cleaned.

**Please remember to follow Government social distancing rules as you drop off and pick up your vehicle.

**Please avoid overnight parking.

Community Garden Beds

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

Here we are again, approaching the best time of the year. With the whole of spring and summer just ahead, are you dreaming of fresh-picked carrots and early spring radishes? Have you been drawn to the tomato seedlings and basil plants proliferating at the pop-up gardening sections of Home Depot and Walmart? Do you yearn to get your hands on a shovel? Then you are one of us, and we welcome you. Your bed is waiting at the community garden.

We have a small number of beds available for new members this year, and we invite you to claim yours now. All gardeners join one of six teams dedicated to keeping our corner of the community looking healthy and happy, so you will have an opportunity to meet other community members, learn from more seasoned gardeners, and be a part of one of Calgary’s most beautiful garden projects.

We currently have both standard and special access beds available. The annual cost of a regular bed is $50 and the smaller accessible bed fee is $25. We also rely on our gardeners to contribute a block of their time to the garden over the course of each summer. Each of us contributes a minimum of six hours working with our fellow gardeners to water and nurture the perimeter plantings, manage the compost system, and maintain the permanent structures in the garden. To reserve a bed, all gardeners must hold a current WHM Community Association membership. Membership details can be found here.

The opportunity to reserve a place in the garden for 2021 closes April 15th, but we expect to fill up quickly, so please sign up today! A $20 deposit is required to reserve your bed with the balance of $30 due April 30th.

For more detailed information regarding the community garden and membership, please view the Community Garden page on the community website.

We look forward to meeting you!

Contact us at to join the garden.

Munro Park Clean-Up


To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we invite all to join in a clean-up of Munro Park.

Munro Park is a very popular, well-utilized green space for community members and visitors alike, that tends to get quite littered given its proximity to Edmonton Trail, 16th Ave and being behind a strip mall.  Come join in honouring Earth Day by helping make Munro Park a safe and litter-free space in our community, let’s give our park a fresh start this spring/summer season!

Drinks and packaged snacks will be offered.

When: April 24th, join anytime from 9AM to 3PM

Where: Munro Park

What to bring: Protective gloves and a garbage bag – the city provides free supplies via the TLC kit program (

Staying safe: Visit the city’s TLC kit page for important information on park cleanup safety (

After your cleanup: Place bags, grouped together beside the City of Calgary garbage can at the North East end of the park (by 18Ave) for collection by city staff at 3:30PM

Questions? Feel free to email: