Community History


Mount View was established with the boundaries being identified as 16 Ave to the south side of 24 Ave NE and Edmonton Trail to CPR tracks.

At this time there were two separate areas of Tuxedo Park. The boundaries which pertain to Winston Heights are the north side of 24 Ave to 30 Ave and Edmonton Trail to CPR tracks.


Veterans’ Land Act (VLA) was established by the federal government. The area designated under this act was the south side of 25 Ave to 30 Ave NE and from the Edmonton Trail to 6 St NE. This area was divided into 60 one-acre lots.


The first residents of VLA land moved into their new homes.

Development of the Community Association

1934 – circa 1939

Mount View Ratepayers Association operated as a community association meeting the social and physical needs of the community.


The VLA area residents met in Tuxedo Park School to establish a community association separate from the Tuxedo Park Ratepayers Assoc. They felt they had unique concerns and a community much different to that of Tuxedo Park.

A name change was made for the VLA area to be known as Winston Heights, honoring Sir Winston Chruchill.


Winston Heights Mountview (WHMV) was registered by the Alberta Government as an association.


Merrill Park and the residents from 32 to 34 Ave NE were invited to join WHMV community association.

Development of the Community

1949 – 1970s

Era of subdivision and new development

1970s present

Subdivision of larger lots and replacement of some existing older homes.


Development of 31 Ave.

Land use development of creative playground at community hall.

Centennial Garden is being established on the community grounds. Planting to take place in 2009.

– Compiled by Kathleen Johnston, Community Historian, 2009.