The work of the Winston Heights-Mountview Community Association is undertaken by volunteers sitting on our committees. Each committee has a chair and, in the case the chair is not a board member, a board liaison. Please feel free to contact the chair of any committee you may have a question for or that you may wish to help out with.

Committee Contacts & Materials

Neil K.
Maidie C.
N/AAct IIIPat HansonAct III TOR
Activities & EventsSarah Jarabak403-473-6414EventsTBAActivities & Events TOR
Centennial GardenLinda Sharp403 276-4510CentennialgardenLinda SharpCentennial Garden TOR
Community GardenAlison GlassCommunitygardenTBACommunity Garden TOR
Community RelationsKarl Sonnichsen
DJ Kelly
DJ Kelly
Karl SonnichsenCommunity Relations TOR
ExecutiveChristine Johns403-510-9080ExecutiveChristine JohnsExecutive TOR
Facilities & OperationsTerence Evans403-542-2855OperationsTerence EvansFacility and Operations TOR
FinanceDon Phillips403-615-2774FinanceWerner HarahapFinance TOR
HeritageLinda Sharp403-276-4510HeritageLinda SharpHeritage TOR
Human ResourceCaleigh Hanks403-589-6828HRCaleigh HanksMunro Park TOR
NominatingDJ Kelly403-714-8901NominatingDJ KellyNominating TOR
Planning & DevelopmentKris Webb403-589-2662PlanningKris WebbPlanning and Development TOR
RinksJF GagnonRinksTerence EvansRinks TOR
TrafficIan Wacker403-607-8407TrafficTBATraffic TOR