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Business/Company/Group Name: Calgary Horticultural Society
Product/Service/Event: Master Gardener Program
Contact Person: Deborah Maier
Phone #: 587 390-7163
Email: Communications@calhort.org
Webpage: calhort.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calhort/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/calgaryhorticulturalsociety/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YYCGardening/

Business/Company/Group Name: Anodyne Designs
Product/Service/Event: Custom Face Masks (non-medical)
Contact Person: Hillary
Facebook: Anodyne Designs
Instagram: @anodyne_designs


Business/Company/Group Name: ETZ Mow N Plow
Product/Service/Event: Lawn Care and Snow Removal
Contact Person: Etienne Allard
Phone #: 403-899-7669
Email: etienne@etzmownplow.com
Webpage: http://etzmownplow.com
Facebook: etzmownplow
Instagram: @etzmownplow
Twitter: @etzmow

Business/Company/Group Name: Michelle Crisanti Coaching
Product/Service/Event: Divorce Coaching
Contact Person: Michelle Crisanti
Phone #: 403-831-5587
Email: mcrisanti@telus.net
Webpage: MichelleCrisanti.com
Instagram: @MichelleCrisantiCoaching

Business/Company/Group Name: Amity Parenting
Product/Service/Event: Parent Coaching/Youth Groups
Contact Person: Hillary Davis
Phone #: 587-897-1027
Email: info@amityparenting.com
Webpage: www.amityparenting.com
Facebook: amity parenting
Instagram: @amityparenting
Twitter: @amityparenting

Business/Company/Group Name: Elizabeth Herbert
Product/Service/Event: Fully qualified online Language Arts and Social Studies tutor, Grades 5-12. References and CV upon request.
Contact Person: Elizabeth Herbert
Phone #: 587-500-3939
Email: castbelial@gmail.com