Hall Rental Policy

Rental Rates

  1. The Facilities and Operations Committee will conduct a review of WHMCA facility rental rates at least once every three years. The review will compare rates with similar and competing facilities of other communities. The findings of those periodic reviews will be reported to the WHMCA Board with recommendations to retain or revise rental rates accordingly. 
  • The Board-approved rental rates will be posted and will apply to all renters.  

Rental Discounts

  • The Board-approved rental rates may be discounted under the following circumstances:
    • if a rental is with a member in good standing of the WHMCA and resides or operates a business within the defined boundaries of WHM, a discount of 15% is permitted (increased to 20% when a paid membership fee is reinstated April 2021 or later).
    • if a rental is with a Board-sanctioned organization/group which provides benefit to the Winston Heights Mountview community, a discount of 100% is permitted but must be approved in advance by the Board.
    • if a rental is for a weekday day-time booking with a registered charity, a discount of 30% is permitted.
    • if a rental is with a “high frequency renter”, defined as a renter booking 4 or more events over a 12-month period, a discount of 15% is permitted.
    • if a rental is for the funeral of a community member (or an immediate family member of a community member) who has provided significant service to the community, a discount of 100% is permitted but must be approved in advance by the Board.
    • if a rental is for a children’s birthday party, and that party is held in the West Hall, a discount of up to 50% is permitted for a 3-hour period. Any additional time will be charged at the non-discounted rate.
    • if a rental is for the full main facility (not including North Hall) for a wedding or New Year’s Eve, a discount for rent and services of up to 20% is permitted.
    • at the discretion of the Facility Manager, for a rental not described above, a discount of up to 15% is permitted.
    • This policy acknowledges that 4 grandfathered seniors’ dance clubs (i.e. Cue Steps, Double A’s, Acey Pluses and Western Squares) are permitted a special discount of up to 55%.
    • This policy acknowledges that Gamblers’ Anonymous groups are permitted a special discount of 47%.  

4.           The rationale for and value of all discounts must be provided on the face of the agreements.

Discount Approvals 

  • Discounts for circumstances not described in Item 3 must be specified and approved by the Board Executive.

Accounting for Discounts

  • A discount granted under 3(a) will be accounted for as a MEMBERS’ DISCOUNT.  
  • A discount granted under 3(b) or (e) will be accounted for as a DONATION and an acknowledgment letter will be requested from the renter.
  • All other discounts granted under Item 3 are to be reported by the Facility Manager to the Facility and Operations Committee which will report same to the Board no less than once each year and accounted for as a RENTAL DISCOUNT.


  • A deposit, equal to the value of one day’s rental fee plus the value of GST, will be charged on each rental. This deposit holds the space and acts as a “damage deposit” to be put against costs necessary for clean-up, unapproved use of facilities, disregard of rules or penalties for complaints.
  1. The Facility Manager may discount or forgive the deposit requirement for renters who have a seasonal agreement or long-term history with WHMCA.
  1. Bookings are not confirmed until such time as a signed agreement and the full deposit is received.
  1. Any deposit refund will be made by cheque and mailed to the renter within 3 weeks of the event.


  1. Use of the facilities by the WHMCA for social events, meetings, programs, etc. will not be subject to a rental fee.
  1. All deposits and rental fees are due in their entirety 30 days or more in advance of the rental date.
  1. WHMCA may hold a space for 7 days after an inquiry is made without a deposit or a signed contract. Following that, a contract must be signed and the deposit paid to confirm the space. Rental bookings are not confirmed until the signed contract and deposit have been received. Without both, WHMCA may cancel the booking.
  1. Payment of fees by cash, money order or electronic transfer is accepted at any time. Cheques are accepted but only if payment is 30 days or more prior to rental date.
  1. Cancellation Policy:
  2. With 30 days’ notice, the full deposit and any rental fees paid less $52.50 (admin fee & GST) refunded
  3. With less than 30 days’ notice, no refund or deposit. If the deposit has been waived, the rental fee will not be returned.

COVID-19 and COVID-19 Sanitization Fee

  1. During the period of the pandemic, a COVID-19 Addendum, signed by each renter or renter representative (paid or donated) will be attached to each rental contract stipulating the responsibilities of WHMCA and the renter with respect to helping stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as associated liabilities. The content of this Addendum was approved by the Board in June 2020. Any substantive changes that made by made from time-to-time to reflect evolving realities will require Board approval.  
  1. WHMCA employees will follow all public health orders issued pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic including instructions for hand sanitization, contact tracing, face coverings, ensuring adequate social distancing and sanitization.
  • To help offset the cost of labour and material specific to sanitization during the pandemic, a levy (COVID-19 Sanitization Fee) will be permitted on all facility rental agreements (paid or donated). This levy is not to be applied for social events, meetings, programs, etc. organized by WHMCA’s Board or Committees.
  • Unless otherwise modified and approved by the Board, Sanitization Fees will be:
    • $50/event for Main Hall bookings with 50 – 100 participants
    • $25/event for Main Hall bookings with up to 49 participants
    • $25/event for West and Main Hall bookings (COVID max: 30 participants)
    • $15/event for North Hall bookings (COVID max: 15 participants)
    • $15/event for Kids’ Birthday Parties in West Hall
    • $25/day for Commercial Kitchen bookings
    • $5.50/event for Boardroom rentals.

23.        At the discretion of the Facility Manager and as circumstances permit, the

following additional discounts may be applied to the Sanitization Fees:

a.  15% for high frequency renters booking 4 events or more at the same time within 12-month period

b.  15% for renters booking 3 or more days each week

c.  20% for essential services

d.  15% for not-for-profit organizations and registered charities.

[Note: discounts are intended to protect bookings with those few
seasonal bookers who are currently with us and simply cannot afford more.]

  • GST will be charged on all fees.

              Approved by the Board of Directors, December 1, 2020.