Even though winter is over and spring is well underway, there has been plenty of activity related to the Winston Heights-Mountview ice rinks.

First off, the WHMCA successfully applied for and received $4500 funding from the Embrace the Outdoors program run by Parks Foundation Calgary (@ParksFdnCalgary) for the City of Calgary (@CityofCalgary).  This funding allowed the WHMCA to purchase two (gently used) snow sweepers and 400 feet of firehose to replace ageing equipment.  This equipment will give us many years of reliability to provide a winter outdoor space for everyone to share and enjoy.  #YYCOutdoors

Second, the ice rink boards at the community hall were taken down on April 24th.  Jarret, Ben, Ryan, Don, Kevin & Alex spent about five hours undoing the netting, chain link panels & rink boards, and putting them safely away for the summer.  Craig and Shawn have also put away their equipment for taking care of the Marsden Road Adopt-a-Rink.  The fields are now wide open for your (socially distanced) games of soccer, frisbee, cloud-watching or whatever else you wish to do.

Finally, the WHMCA Board of Directors is very proud of the work the Rinks Committee has accomplished this season and their ability to provide residents with a winter activity throughout the pandemic. The Board sees spending money for rink operations to be a very worthwhile investment. The committee has been amazing at maintaining and caring for these rinks. We thank the entire team for their dedication and time this season.