Guidelines & Rules for Use of Facilities

Important Advisories

  • These Guidelines & Rules are part of WHMCA’s Rental/Usage Agreement.
  • WHMCA reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its Rental/Usage Agreement, including its Guidelines & Rules, as well as its fees and activity schedule without notice.  
  • Winston Heights-Mountview Community Association (WHMCA) makes every effort to be a good neighbour; so special attention is paid to outdoor noise and disturbances.
  • Events for which tickets are sold to the general public are strictly prohibited.

Nature of the Facilities

  • It is intended for the facilities to be used for more than one activity at the same time. No Renter/User has exclusive use of common areas including the foyers, hallways, washrooms, kitchens, gardens or parking lot unless specifically negotiated and stated in the Rental Agreement. Renters/Users must be aware that other groups may be using other spaces and be respectful of those activities.
  • WHMCA may need to access washrooms and storage rooms in the North Hall (annex building) during the times its meeting room is being used.
  • From time to time, Renters/Users must be temporarily moved from one hall to another to accommodate building upgrades and emergency repairs. If necessary, every effort will be made to minimize unnecessary disturbances.
  • Our Kitchens:
    • The Main and East Halls have access to a licensed Commercial Kitchen where food can be reheated or cooked for an additional fee.
    • The North Hall has a re-heat kitchen where food may be re-heated but not cooked.
  • WHMCA’s facilities are located in a residential community. Every effort is made to be a good neighbour. Noise and disturbance complaints from the community are taken very seriously.

Bookings, Payment, Deposits & Rental Fees

  • Bookings
  • WHMCA may hold a space up to 7 days without a deposit or signed agreement.
  • Hall rental bookings are not confirmed until the signed agreement and deposit have been received. Without both, WHMCA may cancel the booking.
    • There is a 3-hour minimum for booking the Main, East, West and North Halls. There is a 2-hour minimum for booking the Commercial Kitchen and a 1-hour minimum for the Founders’ Room.
  • Payment
    • WHMCA accepts Cash, money order or e-transfer payment at any time. Cheques are accepted but ONLY if payment is 30 days or more before the rental date.
    • WHMCA does not accept debit or credit card payments at this time.
    • GST is applied to all fees and expenses.
    • $45 shall be charged for any NSF cheque.
  • Deposits
    • A Deposit is charged in addition to the Rental Fee. It, along with the signed Agreement, confirms the booking. It then becomes a damage deposit. Additional costs such as unapproved uses of the facility or renters not leaving the facilities “as they found them” can be deducted from it.
    • A Deposit is due at the same time the Agreement is signed. The amount of the Deposit, less any charges or penalties, will be paid by cheque and mailed to the address stated on the Agreement within 3 weeks of the rental date.
  • Rental Fees
    • Rental Fees are due in full 30 days in advance of the rental date.

Cancellation Policy

  • WHMCA will refund the Deposit and any Rental Fees ( less a $52.50 administration fee) if an Agreement is cancelled 30 days or more prior to its booked date. Deposits will not be refunded for agreements cancelled without 30 days notice.


  • Decorations may be attached to the walls, interior doors or tables with green or blue painters’ masking tape, putty designed for decorating, removable poster tape and reusable clear tabs.
  • Decorations may only be attached to the ceiling if hung by magnets which WHMCA will lend at no charge ($10 will be charged for any magnet not returned).
  • No other tapes, tacks, nails or staples can be used.
  • Decorations cannot be taped to the inside of the exterior glass doors or windows at the main entrance because of a special coating that is on those surfaces.

Additional Equipment (including Barbeques and Bouncy Castles)

  • WHMCA must approve equipment brought by the Renter/User including lights, lifts, platforms, barbeques, ladders or Bouncy Castles.
  • Bouncy Castles are permitted in the Main Hall and on the grounds. However, Renters/Users are required to obtain event insurance from either the Bouncy Castle provider or an independent insurer which names Winston Heights-Mountview Community Association as an additional insured. Proof of such insurance shall be required no later than 1 week prior to the event. Also, if being set up outside, Bouncy Castles must be set up only at a location approved by the Facility Manager and can be operated no earlier than 10AM and no later than 9PM.

Liquor Service and Party Alcohol Liability (P.A.L.) Insurance

  • A liquor license is required when liquor is to be served. Purchasing a liquor license is the responsibility of the Renter/User. For more information and to purchase a liquor license online, go to This license must be posted at the event.
  • Party Alcohol Liability (P.A.L.) insurance must be purchased by the Renter/User in order for liquor to be served. This applies to all functions, including family dinners. There are no exceptions. P.A.L. insurance protects the party host as well as WHMCA’s directors. Commercial liability policies may be accepted if they clearly state party alcohol coverage is included. P.A.L. insurance can be purchased online at or by calling (800) 661-1608.
  • Proof of insurance is required before access to the facilities is provided. The deposit and rental fee shall not be refunded if proof of P.A.L. insurance is not received in time for the event to proceed.
  • Liquor service must not extend beyond 1:00 AM.
  • Liquor is not permitted outside the buildings.

Smoking, Vaping and Cannabis

  • No smoking or vaping inside the facilities or within 5 metres of a doorway.
  • Ashtray Locations: Main Facility – 2 ashtrays adjacent to the front door, West Hall – 1 adjacent to its door, North Hall – 1 adjacent to its door. Please use them, not the flowerpots or the ground.
  • WHMCA licenses its premises from the City. At this time, the City does not allow cannabis use in its parks and therefore, by extension, its use is not permitted on WHMCA grounds.

Use of the Facility – Day of the Event

Upon Arrival

  1. Expect the facilities to be locked. Be sure to have the code for the lockbox where the key is.
  • Expect the facilities to be dark. Light switches for the Main Hall are ahead and to the right as you stand in main doorway, Light switches for the Main & East Hall washrooms are by the door to the kitchen.
  • Tables, chairs and any other requested items shall be in the hall to set up.

During Set-up and Event

  1. Strictly prohibited!  – be sure all volunteer and paid helpers know as the full Deposit can be forfeit:
  2. Moving the stage and/or pipe-and-drape (only WHMCA staff can do that)
  3. Obstructing the parking lot from use by the community (unless stated in Agreement)
  4. Rewiring or changing settings on the stereo
  5. Dragging tables or chairs across the floor, creating scratches and worse (look for a chair dolly)
  6. Confetti, rice, birdseed, loose decorative gemstones, chewing gum, dance wax or resin
  7. Single serving glass beverage containers (tumblers, wine glasses, beer bottles, soft drinks) – cans or plastic only! Exceptions can be made for weddings and other formal occasions by the Facility Manager
  8. Animals, birds or reptiles without the written permission of the Facility Manager
  9. Candles, pyrotechnic equipment or any other source of ignition or open flame (other than birthday candles and chafing dish candles/burners which we permit)
  10. Unauthorized use of any space not included in the Agreement
  11. Overnight lodging or camping
  • Use of silk trees is welcomed
  • If you need them, extra cleaning supplies, garbage bags and paper products are located:
  • Main & East Halls      Janitor’s Room (adjacent to Women’s Washroom)
  • West Hall                    Unlocked storage cupboard inside the hall
  • North Hall                   Hallway closet; vacuum also there for pickup on carpet

After Event

  1. Renters/Users are required toleave it as you found it”. The halls, the common areas (kitchen, bar, washrooms, foyer), the immediate exterior and the parking lot are to be cleaned and left in the condition they were in at the time of taking possession. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the Deposit while further costs may be invoiced for additional cleaning or repairs. A cleaning checklist is attached to the Agreement.
  2. Stack chairs no more than 6 high in hall. Don’t mix the grey chairs with the black as they are very difficult to pull apart if mixed together. Use the chair dolly to move stacks of chairs.
  3. Clean walls and floors of any spills. Dry mop the floor. If there is a spill on the hardwood floor in the Main and East Halls that require immediate attention, a wet mop may be used (NO DETERGENT).
  4. Clean and fold the tables. Lean them against a wall. (unless otherwise directed). Do not stack them on top of each other.
  5. Washrooms. Wipe down surfaces, pick up garbage from floor and flush toilets.
  6. Remove all decorations and temporary adhesives.
  7. If the Main Hall Kitchens or Bar are used, wipe down countertops, sinks, stove, grill, inside microwave, wash any food utensils and dishes in dishwasher, turn off dishwasher, leave soiled dishcloths in laundry basket and turn off overhead fan. If North Hall Kitchen is used, wipe down countertops, sinks, stove, inside microwave, wash any food utensils and dishes, leave soiled dishcloths on counter.
  8. If the Barbeque is used, it and its hand-washing station must be cleaned and wiped down, the drip tray emptied and cleaned and the barbeque stored as instructed.
  9. Check outside, including the Centennial Garden in front of the main building, to clean up any garbage and cigarette butts.
  10. Materials which can be recycled or composted must be separated from general garbage. Informational posters and separate receptacles are provided in washrooms, kitchens and common areas. All garbage and compost receptacles will have extra bags in them for your convenience.
    1. Tie up garbage bags (provided by WHMCA), take outside and place directly into the green wood garbage pen, located behind the kitchen door, beside the storage compound.
    1. Tie up compostable bags (provided by WHMCA), take outside and place directly into the green plastic compost bins, located behind the kitchen door.
    1. Place all recyclable materials in the designated containers found in the halls themselves or outside of the Women’s Washroom in the Main Hall.
  11. If the Fire Pit is used, the fire must be fully out, with water poured on all embers. All left-over wood must be removed.
  12. Turn off all lights.
  13. Remove everything that has been brought. Prior approval is required if anything is to be left onsite for pick up at a later time. Items left behind may be subject to storage fees and/or disposal without notice.
  14. Confirm all exterior doors are locked. Please make sure – give them a push and a pull.

Occupation and Noise

  • All events must be over no later than 1:00am. Music is prohibited past 1:00am. All users must abide by the City of Calgary Noise Bylaw #542004 and any other legislation regarding noise.
  • All doors must remain closed and noise levels reduced after 10:00 PM with noexternal noise including shouting, music and horns permitted.
  • The facilities and grounds are to be fully vacated by 2:00 AM.
  • Unauthorized use of any space not included in the Rental/Usage Agreement is prohibited.
  • No lodging or overnight camping is permitted.


  • In case of a medical or police-related emergency, call 911.
  • In case of fire, evacuate the building. Either pull the fire alarm located at the front door or call 911. Do not try to put out the fire by yourself unless you familiar with the use of fire extinguishers and the fire is very small. Your safety is your only priority.
  • If you must evacuate the building, instruct all persons to meet at the Muster Point which is signed and located at the SW corner of the parking lot. Everyone is to wait there for the Fire Department which will take charge. Keep everyone onsite and together. The Fire Department will need to verify that all persons are out of the building.
  • After calling 911, call the Facility Manager at (587) 889-8526.


  • Each Renter/User is responsible for ensuring the safety of WHMCA’s facilities, contents and the people using them. It is the responsibility of each Renter/User to lock doors it has used.
  • Entry shall be solely through the designated door. The key for that door shall be located in the lock box beside that door.
  • The key must remain in its lockbox during the rental period except for locking/unlocking.

Video Surveillance

  • Video surveillance is installed to protect renters/users and community residents as well as WHMCA’s facilities and equipment.
  • The CCTV is to be used for security purposes. It may be monitored to observe first-time users, large events, reported suspicious activity, verify arrival/departure times and verify compliance with the Guidelines and Rules.


  • Use of the facilities is at the sole risk and liability of the Renter/User.
  • WHMCA’s Commercial General Liability Policy does not provide coverage to Facility Renters. Renters are responsible for protecting and insuring themselves and their participants against any bodily injury or property damage arising from their activities or renting of WHMCA premises as well as protecting their equipment and supplies from theft or damage.

Prohibited Conditions and Penalties

Failure to comply with any Guidelines & RulesUp to full deposit or beyond; possible suspension of event
Holding events for which tickets are sold to general publicFull  deposit & immediate suspension of event
Exceeding occupancy limitsFull  deposit & immediate suspension of event
Unauthorized entry to load-in, decorate or set up before start time or not leaving by specified end time$200 minimum; up to full deposit
Unauthorized use of a space not included in the AgreementDaily rate for unauthorized space or full deposit – whichever greater
Using the facilities for purposes other than those stated in the Agreement$200 minimum; up to full deposit; immediate suspension of event
Failure to comply with leaving the facility and grounds “as you found it”; inadequate cleaning and trash removal indoors or outdoors$100 minimum; $50/hour to clean, pick up and remove garbage, up to full deposit
Obstructing the parking lot from use by the community with tents, equipment, vehicles, etc. unless in Agreement$200 minimum up to full  deposit; immediate suspension of event
Complaint from neighbours for excessive noise or call-out by Calgary PoliceFull  deposit; immediate suspension of event
Moving the stage (and pipe-and-drape) for any reasonFull  deposit
Hanging anything from the ceiling unless by ceiling magnets (which we lend)$100 minimum; up to full  deposit
Attaching anything to the floors, walls, doors, windows or WHMCA equipment with packing, duct, tuck, household or double-sided foam tape.$100 minimum; up to full deposit
Pyrotechnic equipment, candles or other source of ignition or open flame (other than birthday candles and chafing dish burners which we permit)Full deposit & immediate suspension of event
Weapons of any kindFull  deposit & immediate suspension of event
Setting off smoke alarm with intent or by accident$200 or value of Fire Dept.  fine
Serving alcohol later than 1:00AM  Full deposit & immediate suspension of event
Leaving grounds after 2:00AM$200 minimum; up to full deposit
Confetti, rice, glitter, birdseed or loose decorative gemstones – indoors or outdoorsFull  deposit
Glassware and single serving glass beverage containers (e.g. beer bottles). With permission, exception may be made for wineglasses for weddings and other formal affairs.$100 minimum; up to full  deposit
Animals, birds or reptiles without the express permission of the Facility ManagerFull  deposit & immediate suspension of event
Damage to the facilities (including floors), stage, equipment or furnishings – intentional or accidentalUp to full deposit; $400 per occurrence for deep scratches to floors; $150 per occurrence for wall damage; full deposit for stage
Tacks, nails or staples on tables, counters, walls, doors, ceiling$100 minimum; up to full  deposit
Dance wax or resin on the floorsFull  deposit
Rewiring the sound equipmentFull  deposit
Chewing gum found on floors, counters, tables, chairs$50 per occurrence up to full deposit
Bottles or broken glass indoors or outdoors$100 minimum; $50/bottle or unit
Failure to latch or secure any door$150 minimum; up to full deposit; liability if loss/vandalism as result
Loss of key$200
Failure to remove equip or supplies during agreement$50 minimum; $50/day
Use of stove not included in agreement$50