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Invitation from the Community Garden

April 2, 2021

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

Here we are again, approaching the best time of the year. With the whole of spring and summer just ahead, are you dreaming of fresh-picked carrots and early spring radishes? Have you been drawn to the tomato seedlings and basil plants proliferating at the pop-up gardening sections of Home Depot and Walmart? Do you yearn to get your hands on a shovel? Then you are one of us, and we welcome you. Your bed is waiting at the community garden.

We have a small number of beds available for new members this year, and we invite you to claim yours now. All gardeners join one of six teams dedicated to keeping our corner of the community looking healthy and happy, so you will have an opportunity to meet other community members, learn from more seasoned gardeners, and be a part of one of Calgary’s most beautiful garden projects.

We currently have both standard and special access beds available. The annual cost of a regular bed is $50 and the smaller accessible bed fee is $25. We also rely on our gardeners to contribute a block of their time to the garden over the course of each summer. Each of us contributes a minimum of six hours working with our fellow gardeners to water and nurture the perimeter plantings, manage the compost system, and maintain the permanent structures in the garden. To reserve a bed, all gardeners must hold a current WHM Community Association membership. Membership details can be found here.

The opportunity to reserve a place in the garden for 2021 closes April 15th, but we expect to fill up quickly, so please sign up today! A $20 deposit is required to reserve your bed with the balance of $30 due April 30th.

For more detailed information regarding the community garden and membership, please view the Community Garden page on the community website.

We look forward to meeting you!

Contact us at to join the garden.

The Classifieds

Welcome to the Winston Heights-Mountview Classifieds.  Below are ads from local businesses, companies and groups wanting to promote their products, services and events.  If you would like to use this classifieds page please submit this form.

Advertising Disclaimer

This disclaimer includes all classified advertisements appearing on the Winston Heights-Mountview Community Association (WHMCA) website, in social media, e-newsletters and both print and digital posters. WHMCA does not endorse or evaluate the advertised product, service, or company, nor any of the claims made by the advertisement.  Advertisers making claims are expected to have the supporting documents that substantiate these claims and the information is to be made available upon request.  WHMCA reserves the right to refuse, reject, or cancel any ad for any reason at any time without liability.

Click here to submit your information.

Business/Company/Group Name: Anodyne Designs
Product/Service/Event: Custom Face Masks (non-medical)
Contact Person: Hillary
Facebook: Anodyne Designs
Instagram: @anodyne_designs


Business/Company/Group Name: ETZ Mow N Plow
Product/Service/Event: Lawn Care and Snow Removal
Contact Person: Etienne Allard
Phone #: 403-899-7669
Facebook: etzmownplow
Instagram: @etzmownplow
Twitter: @etzmow

Business/Company/Group Name: Amity Parenting
Product/Service/Event: Parent Coaching/Youth Groups
Contact Person: Hillary Davis
Phone #: 587-897-1027
Facebook: amity parenting
Instagram: @amityparenting
Twitter: @amityparenting

Business/Company/Group Name: Elizabeth Herbert
Product/Service/Event: Fully qualified online Language Arts and Social Studies tutor, Grades 5-12. References and CV upon request.
Contact Person: Elizabeth Herbert
Phone #: 587-500-3939

The Calgary Atlas Project

The Atlas Project is an initiative of the Calgary Institute for the Humanities (CIH) at the University of Calgary and is steered by a group of five professors at the University of Calgary: George Colpitts (History), Jim Ellis (English; CIH), Nancy Janovicek (History), Graham Livesey (School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape), and Charles Tepperman (Communications, Media and Film).

The Calgary Atlas Project will produce a series of maps that document lesser-known histories of the city, exploring the city’s diversity in creative and accessible ways. Each map will address a particular community or a significant feature of the city’s history.

The map’s texts are written by local historians, drawing on available archives, and the maps are created by Calgary artists, ideally, artists who have a relation to the history they are interpreting.

If you would like more information, please click the image above.



Film:  Most Likely To

Where:  River Park Auditorium (3818 14a St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3Y2)

When: Tuesday May 14th, 2019 at 7:00PM

Cost: FREE

Each year the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival strives to present innovative and meaningful documentaries that encourage Calgarians to take positive action in their communities, this nation, and the world. The film featured in May is a Calgary Police Service (CPS) production.

Synopsis:  Children are not born criminals.  And one city is making sure of that.

Most Likely To…  A look at the Calgary Police Service’s approach to youth at-risk crime prevention through intervention, education and most importantly, human connection. Disruptive. Defiant. Dangerous.  Everyone remembers that one kid in their class unanimously voted “most likely to end up behind bars’.  If we know that kids need help then why aren’t we helping them?  Most Likely To… follows the lives of Kevin and Timmy, 8 and 18, over the course of a year as they fight for a better life that they were born into.  With the help of one of the most progressive police services in Canada, Kevin and Timmy realize that their future doesn’t have to be decided by their past.

For more information visit:

Local Art Fun!

February 17, 2021

Thanks to some creative community members there’s a great little winter art project at the corner Edmonton Trail and 30th Ave NE!  Next time you are out for a walk, swing by and have a look.

Avenue Magazine Best Neighbourhood Gems

Avenue Magazine is highlighting the parks, recreational opportunities and community engagement in our city and they want your input.

Select each category found with this link and submit the spots and projects you love in Calgary. A description is required, photos are optional. You can enter one nomination in each category per day, so make sure to come back every day between now and March 1, 2021, to write-in. You can also support your favourites by voting for existing entries once per day.

The top-nominated entrants will be featured in the Best Neighbourhoods content online and in Avenue‘s September 2021 print issue. For more information about this ballot, visit our frequently asked questions.

Beyond Kale

The Story Behind Beyond Kale

Beyond Kale is a sprouting network of community gardens in Calgary’s Northeast and Northwest. They aspire to respond to the demand for gardening-related educational and networking opportunities within these communities.

The gardens currently under the Beyond Kale umbrella, include Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, Calgary Unitarians, Crescent Heights, and of course, Winston Heights-Mountview. Beyond Kale webinars are hosted, in turn, by these gardens and everyone is welcome to attend any or all events. They expect to welcome more community gardens into the fold in the future.

The Beyond Kale Goals are:

  • To increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of Calgary gardeners
  • To show gardeners how to adapt to our unique Calgary soil and climate conditions
  • To share ideas regarding fundraising within gardens
  • To highlight community gardens as social hubs within neighbourhoods
  • To support the creation and maintenance of sustainable, beautiful, and productive gardens

Janet Melrose will lead our workshops. She is an author, garden educator, designer, and horticultural therapist, with extensive experience within the community garden movement in Calgary.

The Beyond Kale workshops aim to inspire, educate, and nurture the green thumb in each gardener.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, upcoming workshops will be held online. The March 10th workshop is hosted by the Capitol Hill Community Garden and tickets are available through Eventbrite: