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The Answers Are:

Online questions: 

  1. What was the population in private households in 2016?

Answer: 3645

  1. What Act was established by the Federal Government in 1944 dividing the area south of 25th Ave to 30th Ave and from Edmonton Trail to 6th St. into 60 – one-acre lots?

Answer: Veterans’ Land Act

  1. In what year was Winston Heights-Mountview registered as an association?

Answer: 1949

  1. As of 2016, what percentage of Winston Heights-Mountview were immigrants?

Answer: 19%

  1. When was the Centennial Garden first planted?

 Answer: 2009

In the neighbourhood:

  1. What is the station number of the ambulance building?

Answer: Number 4

  1. Wayne Gretzky and Kevin Lowe would appreciate the colour scheme of this house.  What is the address?

Answer: 475 22 Ave NE

  1. Name 6 licenced establishments in the community.

Answer: Any of the following: Azzurri, La Luna Rosa, Nixx Pub, Len’s Den, Juliet’s Castle, Capri Steakhouse/Andy’s Lounge, The Winston, Eastern Fortune Restaurant

  1. Where can you get your furniture upholstered?

Answer: Comfort Upholstering

  1. At what intersection can you find the Northside Church of Christ?

 Answer: 20A Ave and 7 St. NE

  1. Winston Heights-Mountview was the first community to put in rain gardens in City parks.  One is at the community hall and the other can be found at which location?

Answer: Marlowe Pl./17 Ave NE

  1. How many flags fly at the community hall and which ones are they?

Answer: there are 3 flags: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  1. This bird must have been in such a hurry to get to Victory Park that he walked right through the wet cement.  What is the nearest intersection or address where these footprints can be found?

Answer: 2409 7th St. NE

  1. Not all ogopogos live in the Okanagan.  This one lives on a crescent in our community. 

At what address can it be found?

Answer: 33 Montrose Cres. NE

  1. What building formerly occupied the area between Midfield Park and the Ambassador Motel? (Hint: everyone on the Board of Directors knows the answer)

Answer: RCMP District Office

  1. What colour is the door on the house at 518 20th Ave.?

Answer: Any of: robin’s egg blue, teal, turquoise

  1. What can you easily see two of at the end of the walkway at 2 – 17th Ave?

Answer: Two coloured rocks

  1. What type of animal statue is located on the front step at 437 19th Ave?

Answer: A pig

  1. What type of business is located at 445 19 Ave?

Answer: Tax Services

  1. Where could you get your homeowner’s insurance?

Answer: Del Fisher