Building up to the 2018-19 Rink Season

 It appears Mother Nature is building us up for a great winter season, and that means skating outdoors at the WHMCA!  To get there, we are looking for volunteers to help with the initial flooding and regular maintenance of the ice rink.  This work includes using the snowblowers and snow sweeper to clear the ice, and then flooding with a fire hose from the North Hall.  Usually this is done in a team of 2-3 people.

We are also looking for a new rink committee chair for this year.  The chair sets the schedule of when rink construction and flooding is to occur, and co-ordinates volunteers for this work.  The chair is also a liaison to the WHMCA board and reports to it monthly.

If you are interested in becoming the rink committee chair, or wish to volunteer to help with the rink in any capacity, please email:

There are various other positions available on the rink committee as well: Rink Committee

Rink Boards

As announced at the WHMCA Annual General Meeting in May, the rink boards have seen their last winter.  Even though they were marine-grade 3/4 inch plywood, the years and decades of use had left them in rough shape.  There were holes as large as grapefruit in several of them and the rest were in poor shape.  They were all sent to the great ice rink in the sky during the community cleanup in September.

The Rink Rejuvenation subcommittee was started last year to address replacement of the boards.  Unfortunately, due to sporadic response from board vendors, and the subcommittee chair having a hard impact on some ice himself, progress has been slower than expected.

The result is that we will be building a rink this winter without boards.  We hope you will enjoy the pond ice experience!  As a consequence, hockey will be limited without the presence of boards or fencing.

The goal of the Rink Rejuvenation subcommittee is to have new boards ready for the winter of 2019-20.  The new boards will be removable, so we can continue the tradition of an open green space every summer.  We are also considering regarding the site to make it level and easier to flood.

If you are interested in helping with the rejuvenation project, please call Alex Reed at 587-582-5342 or email

Fund Raising Bake Sale!!

At this years Santa’s Breakfast and Market all the proceeds from the Bake Sale will be donated toward the new rink boards!!  Please see link for more details and to volunteer or donate:
Santa’s Breakfast and Market