Volunteer Opportunities:

Committees and Groups to Join

Act III Neil actiii@winstonheights.ca
Activities & Events Kari events@winstonheights.ca
BookClub Kendra bookclub@winstonheights.ca
Centennial Garden Linda centennialgarden@winstonheights.ca
Community Garden Stephanie  communitygarden@winstonheights.ca
Community Relations Karl and DJ communications@winstonheights.ca
Facilities & Operations Don operations@winstonheights.ca
Finance Don treasurer@winstonheights.ca
Heritage Linda heritage@winstonheights.ca
Mom’s Night Out Christine president@winstonheights.ca
Munro Park Redevelopment Karl communications@winstonheights.ca
Planning & Development Kris planning@winstonheights.ca
Playgroup Sarah playgroup@winstonheights.ca
Rinks VACANT rinks@winstonheights.ca
Traffic Ian traffic@winstonheights.ca

As you can see, we do have a couple of vacant positions within these committees/groups and without the help of volunteers these committees/groups have difficulty functioning or even worse aren’t able to exist to function.  If you are interested in joining any of these committees/groups as the lead, or to assist with meetings and organizing of event or just to volunteer to assist at the time of the activity or event we would love to have you!  You can email directly with the above email address or send to: volunteer@winstonheights.ca