munro park landscape

Not everyone could make it to the Munro Park Visioning Session last night so here’s a little background. The idea behind the meeting wasn’t to decide what the park would become after this redevelopment but to help decide on the direction to go with the park over the future (the vision over the next 10-15 years), a plan to follow.

Here’s a quick look at topics that were discussed:

  • Things we like about the current park
    • The list wasn’t long but the top 2 were:
      • Age and size of trees as well as size of the park
      • The life brought to the park by the soccer players and their families
  • Things we don’t like about the current park
    • Most people had the same concerns:
      • Homeless and vagrants
      • Lack of amenities
      • Issues with parking when events are taking place
  • Ideas/Suggestions of things the community members would like to see in the park
    • These are simply a guide from the community for developers. For lack of a better term, a WISHLIST, in NO particular order, and that may not come to life because of budget, zoning and park size:
      • Cafe
      • Patio space for restaurants across the alley on south side of park
      • Better incorporate the bus stop so it invites people into the park
      • Remove most/all of fencing (save the area by the playground)
      • Upgrade the play ground
      • Walking paths and bermed soccer pitch (possibly rotating from current location)
      • Ability to flood above mentioned for possible skating in winter (making the park year round fun)
      • Picnic tables and benches
      • Flowers and/or flowering trees and shrubs
      • Skateboard park (part of the city’s Skateboarding Amenities Strategy or
      • A water fountain
      • Under planting of trees for the continual growth of new trees
      • Incorporate the parks history

**This is just a small sample of ideas that were brought up. In no way is this a complete and comprehensive list of ideas nor the defining vision of the park.

If you have more ideas/suggestions on the vision of the park please join us at the next event on April 16, 2014 and then the final presentation on May 14, 2014 at the WHM Community Hall.