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The City of Calgary is giving Winston Heights/Mountview the opportunity to provide input into how we would like Munro Park to look and function in the future. Beginning with an initial “visioning” session on Feb. 19, residents can share their dreams of what the park could look like, their concerns about current park issues that could be addressed in a new plan, and their desires for amenities in the park.  The design firm, IBI Group, will facilitate the visioning process and use the ideas collected to create some possible park plans.

On April 16, they will showcase those plans at an Open House. There, residents can review the conceptual plans and provide more input and direction to the consulting team. In May, IBI Group will use the guidance from the Open House to develop and present a Master Plan for Munro Park. This document will guide the City and the Community Association for future developments to the Park.

If you are interested in unlocking the potential of this large park on the south and west edge of our community, please come out to share your ideas. All events will be held at Winston Heights Community Hall, starting at 7 p.m.

Feb 19                Visioning Session

April 16              Open House to review Conceptual Plans

May 14              Master Plan Presentation