Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary presents: “Power To Parent: The Vital Connection,” the first of a three-part series of courses from Gordon Neufelds’ work “The Power To Parent.”

Topics include:

  • How attachment is meant to develop and stay intact for life
  • Dealing with resistance and oppositional behaviours
  • The roots of aggression
  • Addressing separation problems and anxieties
  • Raising children who are capable of deep and fulfilling relationships
  • Attachment – safe discipline
  • Viewing the challenges of ADHD, Autism, and ODD in a new light
  • Insights into separated and blended families

This course will be facilitated by Lorraine Beaudry, a parent and teacher who is certified to present and interpret video courses produced by Dr. Neufeld.

When:  April 26 – June 21, 2013 (eight Friday evenings excluding May 17), 7-9pm

Where:  Winston Heights – Mountview Community Hall, 520 27 Avenue NE

Cost:  Limited amount of tickets at $80 (April 15), Regular Price $100

To register: Please send electronic payments to

Questions about this course:  Contact Mary Beth at 403-209-1691

For more information about Dr. Neufeld or his developmental approach, visit:

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“This course is the foundation of the Power to Parent Series.  Children are meant to be raised in the context of their attachments to adults responsible and nothing will work right unless this context is cultivated and preserved.” ~The Neufeld Institute


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