Winston Heights – Mountview Community Association needs volunteers for our casino on Tuesday June 14th and Wednesday June 15th at the ELBOW RIVER CASINO

We would like to offer any volunteer positions to community members first – if any others want to apply please contact me.

Please remember to bring Photo ID with you

No experience is necessary! We are looking for volunteers for a number of positions. The following is a description of the duties of each volunteer and you can sign-up for a time slot below:

GENERAL MANAGER (Computer Literate) (Works in the Cash Cage)
• Participates in the opening and closing of the casino.
• Supervises the Cash Cage.
• Witnesses “Cash Outs” from players through Cashier.
• Fills in for Banker when they are on a break.
• Covers for all volunteer positions.

BANKER (Computer Literate) (Works in the Cash Cage)
• Fills chip orders as required from the Gaming Floor.
• Assists General Manager supervising the Cash Cage.
• Witnesses “Cash Outs” from players through Cashier.

CASHIER (Cash Handling experience is strongly advised) (Works in the Cash Cage)
• Redeems player’s chips for cash.
• Minimal amount of computer input is required.

CHIP RUNNER (Somewhat Computer Literate)
• A courier (runner) for chip orders.
• Participates in the opening and closing of games.

• Inputs the count from each drop box.

COUNT ROOM STAFF (Good with working with hands)
• Open and sorts cash from Drop Boxes.
• One person is required to input count from each drop box in computer.
• Runs cash through money machines, amalgamates each drop box.

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers can only work one position during the two-day event. For example, a volunteer who worked as a Cashier on Day One cannot come back and work as a Chip Runner on Day Two. Volunteers can work more than one shift but must work in the same position.

Sign Up HERE

If you have any questions Contact Beth Lawton at 403-276-3500 or