Our community centre, with its adjoining gardens and playground are the heart of our community.   The centennial garden is the beautiful flower garden in front of our community centre and we are recruiting for our Centennial Garden Care Team.  This garden was designed and developed on the 100th anniversary of our community and is maintained by community volunteers.  Over the years there have been a few changes to improve the space and to lighten the workload.  We have a sprinkler system and that has helped our plants to survive and thrive.  We have some amazing volunteers who have done so much work to get the garden to the place it is at today.  We are so grateful.

Most recently we were successful in obtaining the Shell Fueling Kindness grant and obtained a very generous donation from Linda Sharp in honour of her parents who lived in this community before her.  Thank you Linda and Shell Canada.  We have used these funds to obtain and install a beautiful picnic table and two benches which will welcome you the next time you are in the garden.

We have organized an adopt-a-garden-section program.    We need additional volunteers who can adopt a small piece of the garden to keep it weed-free.  By breaking the garden into smaller sections it will not be so overwhelming as you only have to focus on your area and you can count on your team members to do the same for theirs.  Each section would be about 7 feet by 3 feet (that’s about the size of one of the garden beds in our community garden).  You can take on a section yourself or together with a friend.  If you are looking for a smaller section, don’t hesitate, we welcome all helping hands.

Adopted as from one rock and another, from a rock to a tree, from rock to sidewalk…no matter how small, we welcome you.

If interested please contact Marcia Xavier at centennialgarden@winstonheights.ca

See you in the garden.