The Story Behind Beyond Kale

Beyond Kale is a sprouting network of community gardens in Calgary’s Northeast and Northwest. They aspire to respond to the demand for gardening-related educational and networking opportunities within these communities.

The gardens currently under the Beyond Kale umbrella, include Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, Calgary Unitarians, Crescent Heights, and of course, Winston Heights-Mountview. Beyond Kale webinars are hosted, in turn, by these gardens and everyone is welcome to attend any or all events. They expect to welcome more community gardens into the fold in the future.

The Beyond Kale Goals are:

  • To increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of Calgary gardeners
  • To show gardeners how to adapt to our unique Calgary soil and climate conditions
  • To share ideas regarding fundraising within gardens
  • To highlight community gardens as social hubs within neighbourhoods
  • To support the creation and maintenance of sustainable, beautiful, and productive gardens

Janet Melrose will lead our workshops. She is an author, garden educator, designer, and horticultural therapist, with extensive experience within the community garden movement in Calgary.

The Beyond Kale workshops aim to inspire, educate, and nurture the green thumb in each gardener.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, upcoming workshops will be held online. The March 10th workshop is hosted by the Capitol Hill Community Garden and tickets are available through Eventbrite: