The WHMCA rink has had one of its best years in recent memory. There were periods on most days of Christmas break and recent weekends where there were 25-35 people enjoying the ice. This was still legal given Covid restrictions limiting numbers to 40 people on the main rink and 18 people on the oval and everyone needing to stay 2 m apart.  Please remember to maintain spacing so we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors!

Cleaning and flooding the rink has been occurring several times per week (sometimes twice per day!). Many thanks to Jarret, Marco, Mike, Ian, Colin and especially Shayne and his parents Gail & Frank for putting in so much work.  Please thank them if you see them working!

A sub-committee has been started to look at fundraising for purchasing a new sweeper.  Getting a new sweeper for next winter is critical since we had to scavenge parts to keep one sweeper functional in early January.  If you are interested in helping please contact Alex Reed at