Are you curious about the possibility of being part of a
new cohousing neighbourhood in Winston Heights-Mountview?

30 households are wanted for a Focus Group for
The Munro Cohousing Project on April 27at 7:00 pm
Please register here.

Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighbourhoods that combine extensive common facilities with private homes to create strong and successful housing developments. Cohousing is not a financial or legal model, but rather a descriptive term that shows the intent of these developments to cultivate a strong sense of community through extensive common facilities and active collaboration of the residents.

Prairie Sky Cohousing
Did you know that for 16 year Prairie Sky Cohousing, Calgary’s  original cohousing project, has been quietly creating an oasis of neighbourliness on the corner of 30 Ave NE and Edmonton Trail?  Also, the best gardens on Edmonton Trail!

The Munro Cohousing Project
Cohousing Connections is working with a team of local professionals to explore the appetite for a cohousing project at 502, 508, 512 -17 Ave NE.
What an amazing location! Across from an amazing park, close to a wonderful off-leash area, bike paths, groceries, recreation center, schools, pubs and the highway out of town!  The image above is from previous work done on the site and is shared as inspiration! The founding group of cohousing owners will participate in the design of this new project.