On November 16th a theft was committed at 508 24 Avenue NE (address used at request of homeowner) and was interrupted by the homeowner between 10:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.  Unfortunately she did not realize that the noise she heard in the house was not her family and so the person (female wearing an orange sweater) escaped (in a newish looking burgundy Dodge Ram truck) with all of her identification among other things.  The family is working with the police and with the assistance of the credit card company and the organizations where the thief made purchases using the cards, so they have a good chance of apprehending the person.
They are not sure if this was a theft of opportunity because one of the doors was wide open but was not broken.  She would like to warn neighbours that the robbery took place in the morning.  If anyone has information or has also been robber recently please email and I will forward that information on to the family/police so we might be able to provide better information.