Click here to view the map for a complete overview of the Snow Route Parking Ban

Major changes at a glance

The snow ban is being lifted in the following areas: Some of the roads subject to the 72 Hour Bans include:
6th St NE (North of 12th Ave)
· 20th Ave NE
· Parts of Erlton St SW
· Parts of Spiller Rd SE
· Part of Highfield Rd SE
· Alyth Rd north of 30th Ave SE
· 11th St SE north of 42nd Ave SE
· Throughout areas of Foothills, Starfield, and Great Plains
· Ogden Dale Rd SE
· 11th St SE (South of Heritage Drive SE)
· Centre Street
· Ogden Road SE
· Parts of 11th St SE (South of 9th Ave SE)
· Memorial Drive
· Glenmore Trail
· Barlow Trail
· 19 Ave SE, 21 Ave SE, 23 Ave SE
· Dover Ridge Dr SE, Dovely Pa SE
· 19th St SE, 36 St SE
· Major roads throughout Acadia, etc.

Calgarians are reminded to drive to winter conditions this weekend. Some tips for winter driving include:

1.       Winterize your vehicle, consider installing snow tires.
2.       Give yourself extra time to reach your destinations.
3.       Reduce your speed and turn on your headlights.
4.       Leave extra distance between you and the car ahead of you.
5.       Do not pass working sanders or equipment.

For the most up-to-date information over the weekend, follow the Transportation Department, @yyctransport, on Twitter or visit


Don’t get towed….know the road!  Look for this sign