At the recent Membership Pancake Breakfast we premièred our newest project, a music video for Clea Roddick’s song “Neighbour”. The video stars the people and places of Winston Heights-Mountview and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.

The idea for the video came from board member Sarah Arthurs who had heard Clea’s song one day on CBC Radio and was struck by the lyrics, specifically the phrase “how will we make it through the ages when we don’t even know the neighbours?” She came to the next board meeting with the suggestion about making a music video featuring our community. The board loved the idea and agreed to help fund it. The next thing you knew, Clea was on board, The Calgary Foundation had agreed to redirect some leftover project funds, and the production company Fresh and Smoked was brainstorming ideas with community members. Quickly after that filming started and the video below is the outcome.

We’re proud of our neighbourhood and our neighbours and we’re happy to share that enthusiasm with the world. Enjoy!