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Heritage Roundtable – Celebrating Comm. Initiatives

March 10, 2014

heritageJoin Heritage Roundtable on March 19th to celebrate community based heritage initiatives!

Local community representatives from The Britannia Community Association, The Bowness Historical Society, The Shaganappi Community Association, and The Calgary Public Library will share their experiences and insights into pro-actively promoting and enriching community character through grassroots neighbourhood initiatives. Come learn how communities have overcome challenges, engaged their stakeholders, increased awareness of historical resources and enhanced their local sense of place.

Location: Ramsay Community Hall, 1136 8 Street SE

Time: 7-9pm, Sign in begins at 6:30 with refreshments

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Adventures in Creative Aging!

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Course Topics:

Week 1: Aging and Staging

Week 2: Eldering and Mentoring

Week 3: Past Hurts and Present Needs

Week 4: Harvesting Your Life

Week 5: Building Community

Week 6: Completing Your Own Journey

Week 7: Taking the Long View

Week 8: Celebrating Your Life Through Continuous Learning

An information session for the Creative Aging course will be held on Wednesday, March 12, 12:30pm at the Winston Heights Mountview Community Hall. Please bring along any friends who may be interested in this 8-week course. The course itself will run on Tuesdays, April 1 to May 20, 1:00 to 3:30pm.

What You Missed, Munro Park Visioning Session

February 20, 2014

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Not everyone could make it to the Munro Park Visioning Session last night so here’s a little background. The idea behind the meeting wasn’t to decide what the park would become after this redevelopment but to help decide on the direction to go with the park over the future (the vision over the next 10-15 years), a plan to follow.

Here’s a quick look at topics that were discussed:

  • Things we like about the current park
    • The list wasn’t long but the top 2 were:
      • Age and size of trees as well as size of the park
      • The life brought to the park by the soccer players and their families
  • Things we don’t like about the current park
    • Most people had the same concerns:
      • Homeless and vagrants
      • Lack of amenities
      • Issues with parking when events are taking place
  • Ideas/Suggestions of things the community members would like to see in the park
    • These are simply a guide from the community for developers. For lack of a better term, a WISHLIST, in NO particular order, and that may not come to life because of budget, zoning and park size:
      • Cafe
      • Patio space for restaurants across the alley on south side of park
      • Better incorporate the bus stop so it invites people into the park
      • Remove most/all of fencing (save the area by the playground)
      • Upgrade the play ground
      • Walking paths and bermed soccer pitch (possibly rotating from current location)
      • Ability to flood above mentioned for possible skating in winter (making the park year round fun)
      • Picnic tables and benches
      • Flowers and/or flowering trees and shrubs
      • Skateboard park (part of the city’s Skateboarding Amenities Strategy or
      • A water fountain
      • Under planting of trees for the continual growth of new trees
      • Incorporate the parks history

**This is just a small sample of ideas that were brought up.  In no way is this a complete and comprehensive list of ideas nor the defining vision of the park.

If you have more ideas/suggestions on the vision of the park please join us at the next event on April 16, 2014 and then the final presentation on May 14, 2014 at the WHM Community Hall.


Don’t forget to tell Calgary how great this community already is by filling out the Avenue Magazine Annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey.  Survey close Feb 28, 2014.


Munro Park – Visioning Event! REMINDER for meeting dates

February 7, 2014

munro evite

The City of Calgary is giving Winston Heights/Mountview the opportunity to provide input into how we would like Munro Park to look and function in the future. Beginning with an initial “visioning” session on Feb. 19, residents can share their dreams of what the park could look like, their concerns about current park issues that could be addressed in a new plan, and their desires for amenities in the park.  The design firm, IBI Group, will facilitate the visioning process and use the ideas collected to create some possible park plans.

On April 16, they will showcase those plans at an Open House. There, residents can review the conceptual plans and provide more input and direction to the consulting team. In May, IBI Group will use the guidance from the Open House to develop and present a Master Plan for Munro Park. This document will guide the City and the Community Association for future developments to the Park.

If you are interested in unlocking the potential of this large park on the south and west edge of our community, please come out to share your ideas. All events will be held at Winston Heights Community Hall, starting at 7 p.m.

Feb 19                Visioning Session

April 16              Open House to review Conceptual Plans

May 14              Master Plan Presentation