Rink Flooding & Ice Clearing Sign Up - 2018

    On Sunday we prepared a snow berm and began flooding! We do still need some additional bodies out there this week and next to really get a thick base of Ice started! Please let us know if you can help out one or more nights this week and next to create that base.

    If you can join us please email: volunteers@winstonheights.ca

    Once we have a solid base we will need volunteers for this season to help with the regular flooding and maintenance of the ice surface. The more volunteers we have this year the less days we will need each person to help. The ideal number of volunteers would be 12-14 people, that would be one shift every two weeks. Ideally we would like to flood/clear the rink 3 times a week and if we had 6 teams of 2, then we would only have to schedule each team once every two weeks. Pairing up with another volunteer is the best way to make this work and keep to the schedule, we can also make the schedule flexible to meet the time needs of each team. Also, this year as you might already know we won’t have rink boards so the flooding/clearing process will be a lot easier and faster.

    There are various other positions available on the rink committee as well: Rink Committee

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