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Join us in the Garden!

Some of the best reasons for community garden membership are familiar to us all:

  • Community gardens help beautify urban spaces
  • They create natural meeting places
  • They create educational opportunities
  • They offer spaces for clean food production

But there are endless equally valuable reasons to consider participating in community gardening that might not immediately spring to mind:

  • Community gardens create opportunities for forging friendships and making social connections
  • They help reduce our carbon footprint given that commercial produce can travel more than a thousand miles from farm to fork
  • Participation enhances a sense of belonging in the larger community
  • Community gardeners share in a sense of pride and wellbeing that comes with planting, nurturing, and harvesting their own vegetables
  • Community gardening has sharing at its heart


While all of the beds in the community garden have been rented for 2017, you can still participate by joining us as a Friend of the Garden.  Register as a Friend, and you can help out with special projects, join Wednesday night work parties, and enjoy our social events.
In addition, the community garden is sponsoring a series of talks this summer to which all community members are invited.  Tickets are $10 and must be reserved in advance.

SuperGarden Workshops with presenter Janet Melrose from Calgary’s Cottage Gardener:

  • June 21st     Topic: watering/water conservation, succession planting, weed and pest control
  • July 25th     Topic: good/bad bugs, smelly stuff, trellises
  • August 23rd     Topic: seed saving/sharing, when to harvest what
  • October 11th     Topic: putting your bed to bed

Join the 2018 Community Garden waitlist or register for the garden talks via email:



WHM Community Garden Operations Policies



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